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Welcome To Landon Stewart Marketing
Landon Stewart Marketing provides educational training products, coaching, and services to home-based, small, and medium sized businesses. We offer training and services for small and medium sized companies to generate more leads & sales for their businesses using Social Media marketing and online based sales processes.
FB Ads Mastery
FB Ads Mastery is our very system for consistently generating traffic, leads, & sales for our own businesses using Facebook ads. Inside you'll learn:

#1: How to use Facebook ads to generate visitors to your online website.
#2: How to set up and place your first Facebook ad without any technical overwhelm.
#3: What to say in your Facebook ads to get the best results.
#4: How to find 'interests' to target with your Facebook ads.
#5: ...And A Whole Lot More
Social Media Mastery
Social Media Mastery is our very system for consistently turning our traffic & leads into raving fans & loyal customers using webinars. Inside you'll learn:
#1: How to set up a webinar registration page.
#2: How to set up your first webinar.
#3: How to do your webinar.
#4: What to say on your webinar.
#5: You'll also get 6 weeks of group coaching calls with Landon Stewart Marketing, so that we can ensure your webinar system gets set up & running the way you'd like.
#6: You'll even get our exact webinar templates, so that you won't have to waste any time in getting started.
About Landon Stewart
Hey there, my name is Landon Stewart. I'm the founder of Landon Stewart Marketing and here's a little bit about me:

I got started in my first business when I was 18 years old, fresh out of high school, and as soon as I found entrepreneurship, I immediately fell in love with it.

So I started working insanely hard to get my start up off the ground.

Except the problem was:

I wasn't very good at it at first. In fact, my business struggled to generate revenue for about 4 and a half years, and the main reason I struggled for so long was because I didn't have leads; no one KNEW about what I had to offer.

But then here's what happened next:

In 2013, I stumbled upon Facebook ads... and all of a sudden I was able to place ads right next to major corporations, just like I was one.

Within 12 months, I grew my business to over 6 figures per year in revenue.

Then, I started teaching internet marketing to other entrepreneurs, and it started working for them too.

That's where Landon Stewart Marketing comes in. Now I work with small & medium sized businesses to help them generate more leads & sales for their businesses using internet marketing.
Landon Stewart sharing his social media marketing strategy with 500 entrepreneurs in New Orleans.
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